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Anthony '12
Da Vinci Science
Future Business Executive

'The Business Man'

His dream
: The son of immigrants, Anthony knows that college is the gateway to a better life. “I plan on attending a four-year university at USC’s Marshall School of Business. I want to work in the marketing or advertising industry or own my own business.”

Good chemistry: “The best thing about Da Vinci is the relationships we have between students and teachers. There is so much chemistry. We tend to forget they are not our typical friends but our teachers. We are also fortunate to have so many opportunities here. Recently, we job shadowed at Northrop Grumman and went on college tours at USC, UCLA and Pepperdine.”

A tough decision: “I started at another high school before Da Vinci existed. After spending my freshman year there, I felt that I was backtracking in my education. Luckily, I learned about Da Vinci and was able to enroll here. It was tough leaving my friends, but I had to do what was right for me and my future.”

A life changing experience: “Being at Da Vinci has been life-changing. I’ve noticed my personality has changed. I am more mature, more gracious and I take things more seriously. I take advantage of opportunities, while being humble, as they may lead to even greater ones.”

Favorite project: “My favorite project would have to be the Olympics. I organized a series of games for the freshmen to compete, was ambassador for the Haiti team, a photographer for the gaming events, and an MC for the Opening and Closing ceremonies.”

Campus activities: “My sophomore year, I was president of the Marathon Club. I am a student ambassador and give tours to prospective families and donors. I am also a member of the Tech Team. We troubleshoot computers around campus and install hard drives and ram. I recently had the opportunity to tour Belkin headquarters and have lunch with the founder and chairman, Chet Pipkin.”   Anthony created the new 'I love Da Vinci' video with other members of the Tech Team.

Favorite hobbies:  Photography, video editing, public speaking and acting

Favorite movie: The 9/11 Chronicles

Favorite pig-out food: In-N-Out, Chipotle and Rascal’s Teriyaki Grill

Two things people most don’t know about Anthony: “I am highly interested in conspiracy theories and I dreamed of becoming an actor.”

What inspires him: “My mom. She left Guatemala so she could assure that her children would get a good education in the U.S.”