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The newsletter of Wiseburn 21st Century Charter Schools May 2009
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Volunteers Needed May 2 for Restoration Day
Attention, Parents! May 4 Information Night
Da Vinci Academic Programs Take Shape
Meet Nicole Tempel, Principal
Da Vinci Charter Schools Board of Trustees
Don Brann
Cheryl Cook
Chet Pipkin
Ron Smith
Gary Wayland

Wiseburn School District Board of Trustees
Dennis Curtis
Israel Mora
JoAnne Kaneda
Brian Meath
Nelson Martinez

Wiseburn School District Management
Tom Johnstone
Tom Cox
Ana Montes
Bill Denney
 Community Volunteers
Jennifer Morgan, Community Outreach Director
 Jonathan Schleyer, Director of Design Integration
 Ray Haynes, Director of STEM Integration
Susan Andriacchi,
 Data Director
Norma Diaz
Yolanda Saldana Bautista
Laine Sutton
Kim Robinson
Nic Valbuena
Marilyn Todd

Parent Volunteers
Julie Caravaggio
Tanya Truhlar
Jo Murray
Business Community Supporters
Belkin International
Northrop Grumman
Changes Interiors
Continental Development Corporation
University Supporters
Loyola Marymount University
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Art Center
Pepperdine University
High Tech High School Graduate School
Executive Advisory Council
Allison Powell
Cheryl Carter
 David Stuart
George Chun
Larry Clark
J.L. Fortson
Tony Collatos
Jean Campbell
Jim Buckheit
Jim Stark
Dave Carter
Katie Winchell
Kendra Wallace
Courtney Surls
Kenneth Lin
Kent Rhodes
Laurie Wiebold
Liz West
Margaret Reed
Megan Swanson
Morgan Schwartz
Neil Goldman
Scott Morgan
Jennifer Morgan
Nishan Hossepian
Thomas Batsis
Philip Lance
Phyllis Glock
Rod Stryker
Jordan Roberts
Holly Ludgate
Paul Cohen
Ron Smith
Jeff Ertzberger
Stefanie Knutson
Sue Beauregard
Tamika Hinton-Lang
Tery Wells
Tina Sartori
Tom Batsis
Wade Killifer
Holly Ludgate
Jill Brunkhardt
Chris Joesph
Donna Elder
Irv Howard
Jill Hardash
Judy Wolstan
Larry Myrick
Maria Mora
Ray Gen
Shirley Hoffman
Thomas Curry
Tom Davies
Technology Council
Daniel Assisi
Paul Cohen
Chris Cunningham
Tom Davies
Lani Fraizer
Johnny Hamilton
Holly Ludgate
Michelle Parga
Allison Powell
Tina Sartori
Ron Smith
Michelle Walker
Restoration Day Volunteers
Sergio Almendariz
Mackenzie Anderson
Daniel Assis
Nicole Aver
Nicole Barnes
Elizabeth Baxter
Richard Beck
Nicole Becker
Careen Bernard
Jermaine Bernard
Carel Bernard
Carmen Bird
Will Bothwell
Malachi Brickett
Kyle Burgoyne
Maurice Callemand
Sabrina Cheng
Vivianne Coe
Crystel Coleman
Christa Coleman
Gerald Cook
Martin Correa
Gilbert Corona
Linda Cuesta
Annie Currin
Thomas Curry
Whitney Curry
Jonathan Curry
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Tyler Decelles
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Norma Diaz
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Christian Gonzalez
Crystal Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez
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Patricia Greenspan
Leannah Greenspan
Gilda Harrison
Jean-Bernard Hebert
Larry Hubler Larry
Kathy Jenkins
Tom Johnstone
Micah Jones
Stella Juarez
Clayton Kaneda
Andy Kaneda
Joey Kaneda
Madi Kelleher
Dasean Kornegay
Rob L.
Sheila LaCour
Cynthia Lamb
Ann Lathrop
Elle Lom
Francisco Javier Lopez
Alicia Lovelace
Trisha Maano
Bill Major
Denise Major
Cassidy Major
Nelson Martinez
Connor McCall
Molly McDaniel
Brian Meoth
Ana Montes
Israel Mora
Maria Mora
Sander Mora
Agustin Mora
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Jon Murray
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James O'Neill
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Deedee Zirbel

Focus Group 
Mark Abinante
Lia Abinaufe
Bill Ahrens
Evelyn Alvarez
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Juan Arellano
Minerva Banuelos
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John Bernard
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Welcome to Innovate!
From the Executive Director

Matthew Wunder web imageHello, Da Vinci Schools Community! I am excited to share this newsletter issue with you.

Thanks to the efforts of our amazing volunteers and staff, we are right on schedule for the August opening of Da Vinci Design and Da Vinci Science.
The ever-expanding roster at left shows how the community is really participating in the creation of these schools. If you would like to join in this invigorating process, we welcome additional volunteers. Please come to Restoration Day 3 this Saturday, May 2, to help complete some late-stage facility improvements -- and talk with me while you are there about other ways you can become involved. 
If you are a parent who has not yet attended one of our Family Information Nights, please come this Monday, May 4, to hear how the Da Vinci schools will benefit your child and meet some of the exceptional, highly qualified teachers we have hired.

I hope to see you at Da Vinci on Saturday! Thank you for your continued support of the charter schools.
Volunteers Needed May 2 for Restoration Day
Painting Da VinciWhat are you doing on Saturday, May 2, 2009?
Hopefully you'll be joining other members of the Da Vinci Schools community to help complete the transformation of the facility.
Join Us
Restoration Day 3 activities -- painting, gardening, cleaning windows, preparing rooms -- will take place from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm at 13500 Aviation Blvd., Hawthorne, CA 90250. 
Don't miss this chance to roll up your sleeves and feel the rewards of working as a team for a common goal: the class of 2013!   
Attention, Parents! May 4 Information Night
Are you the parent of an eighth-grader? Are you interested in having your child attend Da Vinci Science or Da Vinci Design but you haven't yet attended an information session?
You are invited to our next Family Information Night, to be held Monday, May 4, 2009, from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm in the Community Room at the Da Vinci Schools facility: 13500 Aviation Blvd., Hawthorne, CA 90250. 
Bring your family and your questions! Don't miss this opportunity to learn how the Da Vinci schools will position your child for academic and college success, plus provide the kind of supportive social environment that makes high school meaningful for students. The Da Vinci schools are tuition-free public charter schools.

Photo credit Monica's Dad
Da Vinci Academic Programs Take Shape
Wiseburn Volunteers
The innovative academic culture at DaVinci Science and Da Vinci Design will feature proven, research-based instructional practices for all ninth-grade students entering this fall: rigor integrated into technology-enhanced, hands-on projects; a supportive atmosphere where all students are known well by staff; professional internships in areas of academic interest; the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school; and much more.

Recently Da Vinci staff met with faculty from Art Center, a global leader in art and design education, to discuss Da Vinci Design curriculum (see image above).

The hiring of outstanding teachers for the Da Vinci schools continues. Below, recent hire Erin Hughes, a talented English teacher formerly of Camino Nuevo Charter Academy, is pictured at left. To Erin's right are founding principal Nicole Tempel and founding science teacher Steve Wallis.

Three DaVinci Staff

Welcome, Erin!
 Meet Nicole Tempel, Principal
Nicole TempelNicole Tempel is the founding principal of the Da Vinci Schools.

Originally from Germany, Nicole worked in television in both the Unites States and Europe before becoming an instructional leader and educator. Fluent in four languages, she spent the past eight years as an educator in the United States, Germany, Brazil and Mexico, working in K-12 schools and universities. As Assistant Principal of Camino Nuevo Charter Academy, Nicole led staff in assuring 100% graduation and college acceptance for students, increasing parent involvement, and doubling English proficiency for English Language Learners. She is a doctoral candidate at the University of Southern California and holds master's degrees from the University of San Diego and Point Loma Nazarene University. Here, she answers some questions as part of our first DaVinci staff member profile.

What was your favorite class in high school, and why? Spanish. I had an amazing teacher at Coronado High School in Coronado, Calif. - Smoky Bayless. He always pushed me to do my best. He took the time to know me as a real person and made me realize I could be a successful student. I took three years of Spanish with him; he was tough, fair and engaging. In my last year, our Advanced Placement class hosted Spanish dinners and visited Mexico several times. Our culminating project was a summer trip to Spain. It was simply amazing. Smoky and I stay in touch - in Spanish - and to this day he makes sure my grammar and verb tenses are correct.
What jobs did you hold in high school or college?
Like many teenagers, I made my first dollars babysitting. My first paycheck arrived during my senior year of high school, when I worked at a French home décor boutique down the street from my house. In college I was the lead student fundraiser, and in one month I raised over $11,000 in parent donations for student scholarships. It was a lot of fun. 
What draws you to education?
In high school, my counselor told me I was not "college material" and that "students like me" did not go to college. My principal, Dr. Davis, helped me see this was not the case and I could do whatever I set my mind to (he knew all too well how stubborn and free-spirited I was).  Educators should never tell students who they cannot be; instead, it is their duty to inspire students to explore all the futures they might have.
The program we are designing for Da Vinci students introduces them to college (through early college classes which will prepare them and give them credit for later efforts) and helps them explore career and industry opportunities (through job shadows, apprenticeships, and a rigorous applied curriculum). In short, my interest in education comes from the desire to help all students explore their college and career choices so they may discover their passion and pursue opportunities for success.
What excites you most about the Da Vinci schools?
I love the community we are located in. This is the third charter start-up I have been involved in, and the start-up phase is always exciting. You get to use your imagination to create great opportunities for students. However, what I am most excited about at Da Vinci is working in such a caring community. The support from our parents, students, community members and school boards has been wonderful. This is an amazing place to be and I feel so lucky to work with such amazing people.

The second thing I am excited about is June 2013 - the date of our first graduating class. Mark your calendar! With the community support we have, this first graduation will be a huge moment for our community, our schools, and our students and families.
Thank you for being part of the Wiseburn 21st Century Charter Schools community. Please contact us anytime to share your comments, concerns or questions -- these are your schools.
Dr. Matthew Wunder
Executive Director
Wiseburn 21st Century Charter Schools