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~No Backpack Required!
~Open House
~Foreign Exchange Students
~Have Coffee with the Principal
~Get to Know Your Classmates
~Welcome Mr. Lofton!
~Professional Development for Teachers
~The Story Behind the Logo
~Student Planners
Da Vinci Apparel On Sale Soon!
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As a part of the dress code at Da Vinci Schools, all students will be required to wear a collared shirt (i.e. flannel shirts, button down shirts, any kind of collared shirt).  Da Vinci apparel, including collared polo shirts, will be available for order soon! Men's polo shirts and women's polo shirts will be available for $17 each or two for $30; hooded sweatshirts will be available for $20; and beanies will be available for $10. The company who is producing our Da Vinci apparel is 2C Designs, and payment will be made to 2C Designs. There will be an order form on the website soon, so stay tuned!
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Emergency Supplies
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Da Vinci Schools will be well-equipped in all emergencies, and emergency backpacks for each classroom are being purchased and assembled now.


Jaime Hernandez, Da Vinci's Technology Director, has completed an order for computers. Soon enough, Da Vinci will be equipped with over 200 brand new HP computers!
10th Grade BBQ

Thank you to all students, family members, and friends who attended our 10th grade BBQ on Monday, July 20th. It was great to meet future Da Vinci families.
We are so excited for the first day of school, Tuesday, August 18th! Inside this newsletter, you will find updates about what's going on at Da Vinci. Use the "In this Issue" tab on the left hand side to find articles quickly, or scroll down to read much more Da Vinci news.
No Backpack? No Problem!
belkin backpack  
Thanks to an extremely generous donation from Chet Pipkin, Da Vinci Schools Board President, and Celia Chickering of Belkin International, Inc., all students will be provided with a free backpack on the first day of school! It is interesting to note that Mr. Pipkin founded Belkin International in the garage of his parents home, right here in the Wiseburn School District. Mr. Pipkin attended Dana Middle School as a teen (which was at that time housed in the current Da Vinci building),  before going on to build Belkin into a multinational and multibillion dollar company. Mr. Pipkin is the Chairman and President of Belkin and serves on several non-profit boards. Many thanks to Celia Chickering who suggested and executed the order for these very cool backpacks for Da Vinci students.

Students do not need to worry about bringing school supplies, or even a backpack, on Tuesday, August 18th. We will have everything you need, and you'll get your supply lists from your individual teachers by the end of the week. Plan on buying school supplies between Thursday, August 20th and Sunday, August 23rd.
Open House 
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We will be having a Da Vinci Open House for all 9th and 10th grade students and parents on Tuesday, August 11th from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Come meet all of the teachers at Da Vinci Schools and see our beautiful new classrooms! Furniture has arrived and it looks great.
Foreign Exchange Students Looking for Host Families 
ef foundation logoWe are looking for two families interested in hosting a foreign exchange student. Florian Richter from Germany and Lucia Martin Baena from Spain will be attending Da Vinci this upcoming year. They are both 16, and have completed 9th grade. They're fantastic kids! Florian loves computers, reading, golf, (and dogs!). His favorite subjects in school are computer science, math, and chemistry. He'd like to be an engineer when he finishes school. Lucia is an A student, loves reading, volleyball, theater (and cats and dogs)! Her favorite subjects in school are biology, English and history. She's interested in being a biologist when she finishes school. Both of these exchange students are supported by EF Foundation. More information on the EF Foundation can be found at www.effoundation.org. If you are interested in hosting one of these two students, please contact Caroline Glynn at 877-546-9836 or e-mail her at caroline.glynn@ef.com and let her know that you are from Da Vinci Schools.
Have Coffee With the Principal 
Nicole TempelIf you are interested in chatting with Nicole Tempel, Principal of Da Vinci Schools, mark your calendars! Starting in September, Nicole will be hosting "Coffee with the Principal" (the first Tuesday of every month) and "Café con la directora " (the third Tuesday of every month for our Spanish speaking families) from 8am-9am. 
Da Vinci Overnighter
oakbridge campWe have an exciting second week of school planned for all Da Vinci students! During the week of August 24th, each Da Vinci student will have the opportunity to build community faster and more effectively by participating in an overnight stay at Oakbridge, a camp facility in Ramona, California.
This overnight experience is an important part of Da Vinci's program, and we want every student to attend. In order to take care of transportation, food, and lodging at Oakbridge, families of each student will be asked to contribute $90. For families who are unable to contribute, there will be scholarships available. Each school and grade-level will spend a different evening at Oakbridge, and the schedule is as follows: Da Vinci Science 10th graders will go from August 25th -26th, Da Vinci Science 9th graders will go from August 26th - 27th, and Da Vinci Design 9th graders will go from August 27th - 28th. Click here to check out Oakbridge's website. More information about this experience will be available during the first week of school.

New Da Vinci Schools' Trustee
board of trustees deskWe are so pleased and honored to announce that Mr. Art Lofton has joined the Da Vinci Schools Board of Trustees! Mr. Lofton is the Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems. For a more complete biography, please check out our website: Biographies of Board Members.
Professional Development for Teachers
curriculumOn Thursday, August 6th, teachers will arrive at Da Vinci to begin the final preparations for the start of school. During this time, teachers will be working collaboratively to ensure that their curriculum is as meaningful, rigorous, and supportive as possible for all students. Some of the staff will share their experiences at the Art Center in a Design-Based Learning Workshop, and all of the staff will share their reflections and insights on a book called An Ethic of Excellence by Ron Berger. Check it out if you need some summer reading!
The Story Behind the Logo
Leonardo da VinciHave you ever wondered why our schools are named "Da Vinci?" Here's a little bit about why that's the case: Leonardo da Vinci was the archetypal scientist and designer who learned by doing. His exploratory approach embodied our philosophy of "ed-u-creation," or "education you create." At Da Vinci, students will create their own education by doing active exploration of real world problems measured and evaluated through authentic assessments and public presentations of learning. Students came up with the name "Da Vinci" in an ideation workshop held in 2008. After coming up with the name, a logo had to be designed. Jonathan Schleyer, a senior planner and marketing guru with Chiat Day, generously donated his time to coordinate the creation of our logo. Here are some reasons why our logo looks the way it does: The Vitruvian Man, the central image of the logo, is the most iconic image of Leonardo da Vinci and his work. It represents balance, proportion, natural science, the golden ratio, visual art and design and physical science all tied up together. It symbolizes humanity and the Renaissance's philosophy da vinci logoof learning by creation.The student designs the Vitruvian Man to symbolize learning through creation - "edu-creation". Yet, the student is making his/her version of the Vitruvian Man, illustrating the school's idea of leveraging each student's unique, authentic gifts.The font was created specifically for this logo from Da Vinci's polyhedron sketches.
Planners for Da Vinci Students
Studio Printing Logo
Thanks to Ed Su of Studio Printing in El Segundo, all Da Vinci students will receive a planner for the 2009-2010 academic year. The coordination and production of these planners is just one example of the many contributions Ed Su has made to Da Vinci. He is exceptional in his line of work, and we encourage you to contact him with any printing needs. Check out his website at http://www.studioprinting.net/ for more information. 
Thanks for reading Da Vinci Schools' Newsletter! Keep checking your e-mail for more exciting Da Vinci News!