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Thank you for your interest in the Da Vinci Innovation Academy, a public charter school serving K-8 students in the South Bay of Los Angeles and neighboring communities. The Da Vinci Innovation Academy offers families a new approach to K-8 education combining school-site instruction with home-based learning. Da Vinci Innovation Academy has been recognized as among the best in the nation for three consecutive years by Tom Vander Ark, one of the nation's leading educational voices.

2016-2017 Innovation Academy Enrollment
The online application for new K-12 students for the 2016-2017 school year is now available. It is crucial a parent or legal guardian attend an information meeting to learn about what is required of parent educators at Da Vinci Innovation Academy. You do not need to RSVP.



School and Family Collaborative Education

The Da Vinci Innovation Academy partners with families to provide a unique learning model where students can discover their passions and talents in a flexible and personalized learning environment.

Two Models

Homeschool Hybrid Program- 2 days of project-based learning at school. Three days of family facilitated off-site learning. Students attend school on either Mondays AND Thursdays OR Tuesdays AND Fridays with optional Enrichment classes on Wednesdays. At-school learning is project-based. At-home learning (also called family facilitated off-site learning) focuses on English Language Arts, Math and Extracurricular activities. Families are the primary educators on non-classroom days.

Homeschool Collaborative Program– The Full Time Homeschool Collaborative Program allows families to create their child’s educational experience with a credentialed teacher. It is a 5-day per week homeschool program with required:

(1) Monthly meetings to develop a scope and sequence for the learning goals, check-in on progress and turn in work logs/samples.

(2)  Participation in the Da Vinci Schools signature practices of Presentations of Learning (POLs), Student Led Conferences (SLCs), and Exhibition.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in weekly workshops and our enrichment program and family events. Parents are invited to attend our Parent Educator Conferences 3-4 times a year.

Why Homeschool?
Our families choose DVIA and homeschooling for many, many reasons. Here are a few they report:
*  Homeschooling allows families to truly know how their children learn
*  Homeschooling provides opportunities to explore passion projects
*  DVIA focuses on the learner as much as the learning
*  Homeschooling enables the flexibility to participate in extracurriculur learning that there is often little time for when students spend 35+ hours per week at school
*  DVIA has amazing, passionate and compassionate teachers!
*  Project-based learning is awesome!
*  Traditional schools have too much bullying and "cliqueish" behavior

Program Highlights
* Home-School Partnership
* Project-Based Learning

* Personalized learning plans

* Rich, challenging and engaging content that accommodates diverse learning styles

* Multi-age grouping

* Small class sizes (16-20 in elementary, 20-26 in middle school)
* Compassionate communication

* Hands on, Minds-on Curriculum

* Learning-by-doing constructivist curriculum

* Opportunities for student voice and choice and personalization to reflect students' passions, interests and needs

* Curriculum preview meetings to address/discuss goals and ask questions
* Credentialed, experienced and dedicated teachers
* Distributive leadership

* Social Emotional curriculum that fosters community and personal development

* Building Habits of Heart and Mind

* Community of care and collaboration

* Public presentations of learning

* Mastery of "essential skills"

* 21st century learning and real-world problem solving


Coalition of Essential Schools

California Charter Schools Association

California Consortium for Independent Study

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