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Da Vinci Schools are among the finest I have seen.

Campus and Location
Established in 2009, Da Vinci Schools are independently governed and operated charter schools serving the Wiseburn community and children from 80+ zip codes. Da Vinci Schools are located two miles south of L.A. International Airport and in close proximity to Silicon Beach, home to hundreds of vibrant aerospace, tech, creative and start-up companies. In August 2017, Da Vinci Communications, Da Vinci Design, and Da Vinci Science high schools will move into a state-of-the-art campus for 21st century teaching and learningĀ at 201 N. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA. >> Learn more

Matthew Wunder, Ed.D., Chief Executive Officer
Michelle Rainey, Da Vinci Innovation Academy Principal
Nathan Barrymore, Da Vinci Communications Principal
Kate Parsons, Da Vinci Design Principal
Steve Wallis, Da Vinci Science Principal
Kari Croft, Da Vinci RISE High Principal
Kim Merritt, Da Vinci Extension Director

Type of Schools & Programs

* Free, public, college-preparatory charter schools
* Open to all students in California, regardless of district boundaries
* Authorized by the Wiseburn Unified School District, Da Vinci's three high schools serve as Wiseburn Unified's "home" high schools

Da Vinci Innovation Academy (K-8)

Da Vinci Communications High School
Da Vinci Design High School
Da Vinci Science High School
Da Vinci RISE High
Da Vinci Extension (post-secondary program)



Enrollment (2016-17)

Da Vinci Innovation Academy - 357
Da Vinci Design - 537
Da Vinci Science - 512
Da Vinci Communications - 275
Da Vinci Extension - 65
Da Vinci RISE High- 26

* A highly diverse student body from 84 different zip codes (2016-17)
* 97% daily high school attendance rate during the 2016-17 school year -- our students love to be here!

College Placement
* 99% of students successfully completed their "a-g" requirements for admission to a UC or CSU school (Class of 2016)  >> See More

* 100% of graduates accepted to college (Class of 2016)

* 80% of graduates accepted to a 4-year university (Class of 2016)

Signature Programs & Practices

* A "learn by doing" project-based curriculum focused at the intersection of college-preparatory and real-world readiness
* Career pathways aligned to high-skilled, high-demand careers
* Strategic public-private partnerships with industry, higher education, and nonprofit leaders to help us define the knowledge and skill sets needed to succeed in the 21st century global workplace
* Small and personalized learning environment
* Real World Learning Program
* Early College program where students take college classes on campus for college credit while they simultaneously earn their high school diploma
* The Da Vinci Innovation Academy (K-8), opened in August 2011, combines school-site instruction with home-based learning


* 1 of only 10 schools in the nation to win a prestigious $10 million ''Super School' grant to reimagine high school in connection with the XQ: The Super School Project, funded by Laurene Powell Jobs > See related article

* 1 of only 8 schools in the nation to win a coveted Next Generation Learning Challenges grant, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundations under Wave III of funding

* Best practice demonstration site for establishing a regional real-world learning model as part of a $15 million Career Pathways grant with LAUSD for programs linking learning and career and technical education

Accreditation + Certification

Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC)
Project Lead The Way Certified School (Da Vinci Science)


Coalition of Essential Schools

California Charter Schools Association

California Consortium for Independent Study