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Project Exhibition Nights - A Huge Success!

November 2010

Elaborate projects, mixed media, and unbridled enthusiasm abounded at Da Vinci Schools' first Project Exhibition Nights of the new school year held on Nov. 17-18. More than 1,000 people attended the two nights of Exhibitions, where students from Da Vinci Design and Da Vinci Science presented their major projects from the first semester and talked about the content and skills they had learned to a caring audience of families, faculty, industry professionals, and community friends.

Using oral presentations, digital media, and other forms of mixed media, students demonstrated how they were able to tackle real-world problems and challenges requiring critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, teamwork, effective communication and other important 21st century skills vital to academic and lifelong success. Exhibitions are an important component of project-based learning and assessment, and provide a comprehensive view of each student's knowledge and mastery of the curriculum.

Some of the projects exhibited were Industrial Revolution Museum, Roller Coaster, Dia de Los Muertos, Invention, The City Plan, Casino Night, Journey Through the Underground Railroad, Angle Art, Trebuchet, and Get Real - Chemical Reactions and Bonding.

We are extremely proud of our students for taking ownership of their learning and for producing beautiful work of lasting value -- all within the context of the California content standards and national core standards. Da Vinci Schools also rely on the knowledge and experience of our community partners to help us connect our curriculum to the real-world business skills students need to know to compete in the 21st century global workforce.

We wish to thank everyone who attended the Exhibitions -- and especially the many volunteers who rolled up their sleeves to help us prepare for this important event.

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