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72andSunny and Da Vinci Schools Working in Partnership to Prepare the Next Generation of Creative Problem Solvers

At Da Vinci Schools, partnerships are essential to our mission that every student will graduate college and career-ready. We work closely with many of the area's top aerospace, tech, and creative firms to identify the knowledge and skill sets students need to know to thrive in college and the 21st century workforce.

One such company is 72andSunny, a leading advertising agency based in Playa Vista, known for its work with Samsung, Google, Starbucks, Benneton, Carl's Jr., the national Truth campaign to end youth smoking, and other top brands.

72andSunny has been a deeply engaged partner with Da Vinci over the past two years, providing numerous opportunities for students to gain real world experience and exposure to the creative workforce. 72 staffers have worked closely with Da Vinci to co-develop real world projects and curricula, guest lecture, assess student work, host interns, field trips, speaker series and professional development, serve as mentors, and much more.

"72andSunny is an amazing partner," said Nathan Barrymore, principal of Da Vinci Communications. "They are 'all in', providing students with multiple opportunities to see creative careers and spaces and to engage with professionals who they might not ever see."

This year, 72andSunny designers have been working closely with Da Vinci Communications teachers and administrators to design DVC's media communications pathway and projects. 72 also has hosted DVC field trips for every grade level and worked with students on two video projects involving Internet memes and journalism. 72 also worked closely with Da Vinci Design 12th graders to design and paint a huge mural on La Tijera Blvd. in Westchester last month in connection with a 72 staffer's passion project.

Also this year, eight Da Vinci Extension students have spent hours immersed as interns at the company's headquarters exploring the intersection of creativity, culture, storytelling, brand strategy, and production, culminating in a final presentation of the students' Truth ad campaigns on April 7 at the agency's Playa Vista offices. All 34 of DVX's students have been paired up with a 72andSunny mentor and meet regularly to discuss college and career exploration, daily life management, and more. Meanwhile, Da Vinci Innovation Academy teachers have held several professional development workshops at the agency's headquarters that once housed the offices of famed aviator and film mogul Howard Hughes.

Last year, 10th grade students at Da Vinci Communications worked alongside 72 designers and brand strategists to conduct research, create story boards, strategy maps, and a final deliverable to raise awareness of the Truth campaign. 9th graders worked on the Made with Code project inspired by 72 client Google's initiative aimed at inspiring girls to try coding by pairing the things they're passionate about with technology.

The 72+Da Vinci partnership is mutually beneficial, providing Da Vinci students with access to the tools, resources, opportunities and people they need to explore careers in the creative field, while 72andSunny is able to gain a different, creative perspective and to develop a creative class of diverse people who are good at problem solving. In addition, the 72+Da Vinci partnership is generating wide-scale interest among 72 employees as part of its Brand Citizenship practice devoted to using creativity to better society.

"We partnered with Da Vinci because our missions are aligned, and might even overlap," said Jim Moriarty, 72andSunny Director of Brand Citizenship. "Our company and our work is at its best when we include diverse points of view and let those views inform and shape our work. And by partnering with Da Vinci, we gain insight from different perspectives. Our partnership with Da Vinci Schools makes us better, stronger and more culturally relevant."

Like 72andSunny, Da Vinci Schools are developing hybrid, multi-disciplinary problem solvers and thinkers for the modern era.

We are immensely grateful for the time, talent and deep commitment of the following 72 team members who have been key in facilitating this partnership: John Boiler, CEO and Founder; Glenn Cole, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder; Matt Jarvis, Chief Strategy Officer and Partner; Evin Shutt, Partner and Chief Operating Officer; Jim Moriarty, Director of Brand Citizenship; Autumn Abbruzzi, Brand Director; and Tish Fletcher, Brand Coordinator. We also wish to express our gratitude to Da Vinci Board of Regents members Jen Cole, an education consultant, and Michael Druckman, Executive Chair of Schools That Can, who connected us to 72andSunny.

Published: April 2016


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